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The Suits-Bueche Planetarium at the Schenectady Museum contains a 30 foot diameter dome and a new GOTO Chronos Space Simulator star machine installed in October of 2006.   It is an optical-mechanical projector, which gives a more realistic view of the sky than any digital/video star projector.  An East Coast Control Systems automation system was installed in 2003 as part of an extensive renovation project which included 21 new Kodak slide projectors, two new video projectors, automation of all of the existing projectors, a new sound system, new cove lighting, and two 42 inch plasma screens above the planetarium entrance.  The planetarium can now project all forms of media up on the dome, including live NASA TV, which can also be shown on the plasma's.  The Planetarium seats 60 people.

For a peek at the Grand Re-Opening, go to the Grand-Re-Opening Page.

For a photographic essay of the renovation that brought the GOTO Chronos to the Planetarium, see the Renovation Page for more information.

The Planetarium is named after Dr. Chauncey Guy Suits, and Arthur M. Bueche.  To find out about these two scientists, click Suits-Bueche.

The Suits-Bueche Planetarium and its staff, are members of the MAPS (Middle Atlantic Planetarium Society), SEPA (Southeastern Planetarium Association), GLPA (Great Lakes Planetarium Asociation), IPS (International Planetarium Society), and the NSS (National Space Society).



Unlike many planetariums, we DO NOT show all dome movies up on our dome. We show planetarium presentations. We are NOT a movie theater.  We are a PLANETARIUM.

Our planetarium presentations are either live by the console operator, or multi-media shows.  

Our presentations use up to 23 Kodak Slide Projectors, 25 Special Effects Projectors, 3 Video projectors, and the GOTO Chronos Space Simulator, which is actually dozens of projectors rolled into one.  Almost one million dollars worth of equipment!

Although many of our presentations are purchased from other planetariums, to fit them into our facility, takes literally thousands of hours to produce by our own planetarium staff that have approximately 50 years of planetarium experience behind them.  

PLEASE NOTE: Megan Dominguez is the Planetarium Manager of the Suits-Bueche Planetarium. Steven LJ Russo left the Planetarium to become the Director of the East Kentucky Science Center and Planetarium in Prestonsburg, KY.



The entrance to the Planetarium, and the the GOTO Chronos Space Simulator in the dome.


A panorama view inside the Suits-Bueche Planetarium.  View is from the north, looking south.


A panorama view looking from south to north.


Console area at the Suits-Bueche Planetarium.


Planetarium Manager, Steven LJ Russo and Assistant Planetarium Manager, Megan Dominguez at the console.


An old Orrery, and the NASA Space Place bulletin board..  A prototype Mars Rover and Hubble Photos in the lobby.


"Mission Control".  ECCS on the left and GOTO on the right.  The old Spitz A3P and "Black Hole" penny well, surrounded by Hubble photos in the lobby.


Planetarium Staff

Planetarium Manager                                                                    

Steven LJ Russo  518-382-7890 X 253                               


Assistant Planetarium Manager  

Megan Dominguez  518-382-7890 X 227 


Console Operators  

Steven LJ Russo and Megan EN Dominguez with NASA Lunar Samples.



Denice Cross with NASA Lunar samples and Buzz Aldrin.



Beth Lomanto in the dome with the GOTO Chronos.


Kathleen Mroczka at the Chronos Console


                   Carl Phelps at the console of the GOTO Chronos.                  



Suits-Bueche Planetarium is located at the Schenectady Museum in Schenectady, NY.  For more information, go to the "official" Museum site at


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