If there's one thing I hate, it's writing a rebuttal against something that
really is so outlandish, that a rebuttal is a waste of time. But as you readers know, my life is geared to educate the masses on astronomy and related topics. Once again, the "swill network" otherwise known as FOX, has chosen to do great scientific research, and present the public with garbage. So was the case when FOX broadcast something called "Conspiracy Theory - Did We Land On the Moon"?

First of all, lets take a look at the track record of the FOX network. First,
several years ago, they broadcast something called "Alien Autopsy", a film that
they told the public was real, when it was actually made in someone's basement.
Then it was a news special that indicated that the Pyramids in Egypt were built
by aliens, the same aliens that built the pyramids and the so-called "face" on

Now come the Lunar Conspiracy, where so called experts have "proof" that the
moon landings were filmed in a secret movie studio in area 51. Now, I can't go
into all of the FOX details, but I will explain a few of them, and then give you
a web site where you can actually prove FOX wrong, on all of their claims. Here
is the proof, according to FOX, (in Italics), that we didn't land on the Moon.

Almost 20% of the American public believes that we didn't go to the Moon.  

A Gallop poll taken in 1999, and a CNN poll taken in 1995, indicate that 6% of
the public believes that we did not go to the moon. By the way, that is the same
percentage of people that don't believe in God. And according to Gallop, 6% is
the amount of people that believe in ANY poll of ANY question that is asked to
them, indicating that the belief is NOT widespread.


There was no blast crater under the LM so we didn't land there.  

reality, there should NOT be a blast crater. The LM descent engine was made to
slow the craft down, and not blast off. Since it only generated 1050 pounds of
thrust (not 10,000 lbs like FOX said), and the gravity on the Moon is less, and
the engines were shut off BEFORE impact, there can't be a blast crater.


Since the stars were not visible in the photographs, it proved they were not on
the Moon.

FACT: With the Lunar landscape lit brightly from the Sun, the
photographs were very fast, and the aperture had to be closed down. Stars would
not appear in the photos because the stars would be too faint to register on the
film. If you take a photo here on Earth, under the same conditions, the stars
would not appear in your photos.


The flag was waving, caused by the breeze in the studio where it was filmed.
The Moon has no air, so a flag cannot wave.  

FACT: The astronaut was setting up the flag, and shaking the pole that it was attached to. A flag DOES wave in a vacuum.


There were shadows on the Moon going in different directions; proof that there
was more than one light source. There is only one light source on the Moon, and
that's the Sun.

FACT: There are TWO light sources on the Moon. The Sun is one of
them, and the Earth is the other. On the Moon, the Earth would appear as almost
"Full", and would actually shed more light on the Moon, than the "Full" Moon
does on the Earth.


Astronauts would have been burned to death from the radiation in the Van Allen
Radiation Belts.

FACT: Traveling at around 25,000 mph, the astronauts would have
made it through the radiation in about an hour, receiving 1/25 of the radiation
that is considered dangerous by the government.


O. K., I have said enough. Hey at the end of the X-Files, the ONLY good program
that FOX has, the slogan is "The Truth Is Out There". Well, it may be, but it
sure as heck isn't on FOX!

If you want more information on this so called "Lunar Conspiracy", visit the
following web sites known as "Bad Astronomy" by astronomer Phil Plait, "Comments On The Fox Moonlanding Hoax Special" by Jim Scotti from the University of Arizona, and "Moonhoax". None of these sites are run by NASA, but for their view on this, go to "The Great Moon Hoax".

Until next time, "Look to the Skies!!!!"