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The dish that made HO JO's famous. Tendersweet Fried Clams, July 25, 2010.                                   Outside of HJ on May 28th, 2010, opening night.                   

Located at 2143 Route 9 in Lake George, this Howard Johnson's restaurant is probably the very last to have a good portion of original Howard Johnson's "artifacts".  From its orange roof, SS & P weathervane, to some of the table settings, this Howard Johnson's is a classic piece of the by-gone days of America, before "fast food" destroyed our eating pleasure.


At one time, Howard Johnson's Restaurants numbered over 1000 in the United States, and by 1965, HJ had sales that were more than McDonalds, Burger King, and Kentucky Fried Chicken; COMBINED!  HJ corporation served more food than anyone in the world except for the United States Army.


Destructive timeline:

1979: Imperial Group PLC of England buys Howard Johnson's.

1985: Company is sold to Marriott Corporation.

1986: FAI (Franchise Associates Inc), took over the rights and operations of the restaurants.

2005: FAI ceased operations. Cendant aquired the rights and operations of the restaurants.

2006: La Mancha Group LLC took over the rights to the restaurants.

Currently: All Howard Johnson brands are owned by Wyndham Worldwide.


That once proud chain now consists of only two restaurants in the world.  Lake Placid NY, and Bangor ME, are the only HJ Restaurants left. 

Below, you will find some photos of the Lake George Howard Johnson's restaurant.  It is run by William A. DeSantis.  The DeSantis family at one time, operated several Howard Johnson's restaurants in New York State, including South Glens Falls, Glens Falls, Clifton Park, Herkimer, and Oswego.

The Lake George Howard Johnson's restaurant, the oldest operating HJ restaurant anywhere, opened in 1953, and is open only during the tourist season, usually from the end of May through October.  The schedule varies slightly from year to year.  Call for more information: 518- 668-5418.  Located at 2143 Rt. 9 in Lake George. Exit 21 off of I 87.  The manager is Pat, and she has been there a long time.

This HJ, does not have its own web site, so as a fan of HJ, and a frequent visitor to this HJ, I am sharing these photos that I have taken. 

When in the area, please stop in and visit this HJ.  The food is great, the staff very friendly, and it is a piece of Americana that is worth the trip.  It is located on Rt 9 in Lake George.

This is the restaurant where Rachael Ray got her start, and where her mom worked.

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Howard Johnson's "Last of an Era" T-Shirts now available at the Lake George Howard Johnson's Restaurant.  Get there, get some clams, and buy the shirts!


Shirts now available in black.  July 25, 2010.  Simple Simon and The Pieman weathervane.  July 25, 2010.


New HJ Hats now available at the Lake George HJ Restaurant.  Steve and Jan enjoying ice cream in their new Howard Johnson's Hats.  Photos taken on May 10, 2010




Photo take on May 28, 2010, opening night.                                                       Photo taken on July 25, 2010



Photos taken on May 24, 2008.



Photo Taken on May 24, 2008.                                                                                                   Photo taken on May 23, 2009.  New carpeting was installed in Fall 2010.


A "mural" in the dining room of the Lake George area shows the location of the Howard Johnson's Restaurant. Photos June 2006.


Another room has a metal SS & P attached to the wall.  In another dining area, a SS & P logo etched in glass.  Photos June 2006.


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